This special, limited-supply Artist Edition of My Riot includes a sketch and personalized message from the artist Emmett Helen.


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1991—Val, a teenager from a conservative family, has grown up dreaming of becoming a ballerina, but the pressures of making weight, acting proper, and looking pretty are starting to wear on her. Her new friends, Kat and Rudie, drag her to a punk show to let off some steam--and her life changes forever.


Inspired by 80s/90s teen anthem movies, zine culture, Riot Grrrl music and the radical girls of today, My Riot is a convention-bucking YA graphic novel that celebrates sisterhood, independence, and finding yourself amidst all the noise. Writer and old-school punkster Rick Spears has been praised for his intimate grasp of the 90s punk scene and acurately messy depiction of teen life, while artist Emmett Helen captures Val's journey through gritty inks, subtle character acting, and nostalgic limited color palettes.

My Riot: Artist Signature Edition

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    Ideas and Guidelines for Personalization-

    Please fill out the personalization field with your entire request.

    Autograph only: Please tell me where you would like the signature. By default, I will place it next to my headshot in the back of the book.

    Signing to someone: You can have the book signed to yourself or a loved one. Please double-check name spellings.

    Verbatim Messages: You may include a message to be written "as is." Please keep messages reasonably brief and free of "punch-down" language. If I cannot understand the message or find an issue with it, I will reach out to ask for another option.

    Personalized sentiments: An alternative is to request a sentiment, such as "encourage my daughter Carla to keep playing the drums" or "Tell Faun they're a rock star" and I will give it a genuine, personal/unique touch from my end.

    For sketches-

    Sketches are quick, bust-up only, and done in black and white marker with archival inks that won't discolor the paper over time. Maximum of two figures.

    Some good ideas for sketch requests are a favorite character from My Riot, real-life punk icons, real life or fictional feminist icons, punk version of a favorite character, My Riot characters in different outfiits, and counter-culture characters from movies and TV. If it is not from the book, there must be visual reference readily available online.

    Premium for Portrait: You may pay an additional charge to have a portrait done of yourself, a friend, or family member, as this takes additional communication and sketching beforehand. After your order is placed, I will reach out to ask for photo reference.


    Packing and Shipping-

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    Student and Low-Income Pricing

    I have a limited number of copies set aside for those who have very low income, priced from $30-50 on an as-needed sliding scale. You may request one of these through my contact form (while supplies last.)

  • Book Content Warnings (T+)

    • Graphic depictions of eating disorders
    • Misogynistic language
    • Brief instance of race-based assault
    • Mention of police brutality
    • Body shaming
    • Cigarette smoking

    These topics are handled sensitively, genuinely, and with nuance as Val breaks from the shackles of conservative womanhood along with her found family. Please be sure to practice self-care while reading if these things are hard for you to witness.